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CDMC Annual Report 2005-2006
Dec 2011

CDMC Annual Report from 2005-2006. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Annual Report 2006-2007
Dec 2011

CDMC Annual Report from 2006-2007. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Annual Report 2007-2008
Dec 2011

CDMC Annual Report from 2007-2008. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Annual Meeting 2008-2009
Dec 2011

CDMC Annual Report from 2008-2009. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Annual Report 2009-2010
Dec 2011

CDMC Annual Report from 2009-2010. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Final Report 2011
Dec 2011

CDMC Final Report from 2011. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Annual Report 2004-2005
Dec 2011

CDMC Annual Report from 2004-2005. Click here to view a .pdf version of the full document.

CDMC Researcher David Keith proposes using nanoparticles to combat global warming
Sep 2010

Analysis of climate engineering has focused on sulfate aerosols. Dr. David Keith argues that engineered nanoparticles could exploit photophoretic forces, enabling more control over particle distribution and lifetime than is possible with sulfates because photophoretic levitation could loft particles above the stratosphere. This would reduce their capacity to interfere with ozone chemistry and by increasing particle lifetimes, would reduce the need for continual replenishment of the aerosol. Magnetic forces could be exploited so particles drifted poleward, enabling localized polar albedo modification while minimizing the impact on equatorial climates. Dr. Keith is a CDMC Researcher and Director of the ISEEE Energy and Environmental Systems Group at University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

CDMC Researcher appointed to World Bank Energy Position
Sep 2010

The World Bank announced that they would appoint Daniel M. Kammen, UC Berkeley Professor of Energy and CDMC Researcher, as the organization's Chief Technical Specialist for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. See the San Francisco Chronicle article for more details. Warm Congratulations from CDMC to Dr. Kammen!

CDMC Researcher featured in Washington Post Article
Sep 2010

Erwann Michel-Kerjan, CDMC researcher from University of Pennyslvania's Wharton School produced an op-ed on recent Pakistan flooding raising his opinion on how to lead in the wake of catastrophe. See the Washington Post article.

Underwater Cabinet Meeting
Sep 2010

Last year, the Maldives' president held an underwater cabinet meeting to raise global awareness. Watch the video on YouTube:

Post Doctoral Position Available in Related Research
Aug 2010

A new NSF funded center based at Carnegie Mellon University seeks a post-doctoral fellow in climate decision making. Prefer BS in science or engineering and PhD in behavioral social sciences. Details found on the Jobs @ EPP website. Resume, references and sample publications to: Receives Update
Feb 2010

The CDMC-sponsored project adds a downloadable PowerPoint presentation on how to use their website. New publications are featured as well. For these updates, see the "Resources" section:

Popular CDMC-funded paper
Jan 2010

CDMC-funded " A review of North Atlantic modes of natural variability and their driving mechanisms," published in the December 31, 2009 issue of Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres recently reaches "most popular article" position on the Journal's website. Lead author Dr. Iris Grossmann is a CDMC Post-Doctoral Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University.

CDMC-Related Piece on "Scrap the carbon tariff"
Dec 2009

Carnegie Mellon Engineering and Public Policy PhD Candidate Catherine Izard (with Civil & Environmental Engineering Assistant Research Professor Chris Weber and Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy Associate Professor Scott Matthews) authors a piece for "Nature Reports Climate Change," Nature's online climate news and opinions section, on the folly of border tariffs. This is a result of Izard's work toward her PhD qualifying exam. Izard's research is based on work associated with the Climate Decision Making Center. See: Scrap the Carbon Tariff

Jun 2009

CDMC PIs Howard Kunreuther and Erwann Michel-Kerjan are lead authors of the recently published, At War with the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes. The supporting research in this book is closely related to the Center's mission. RMA Journal Book Review - PDF

Sep 2008

CDMC Researcher David Keith (University of Calgary) captures carbon dioxide directly from the air.

Sep 2008

New York Times OP-ED piece "Blocking the Sky to Save the Earth" on CDMC Principal Investigator David Keith of the University of Calgary.

Jun 2008

Energy Efficiency Forum Recognizes Carnegie Mellon University and CDMC students for Awareness of Energy and Climate Change Issues.


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